Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising Poster

Bad Moon Rising


Channing Tatum as Lucas Holt

Alexander Skarsgard as Dieter Vilhelm

Jessica Biel as Jenny

Aziz Ansari as Bug

Oliver Platt as Moon Chief William Silas

James Marsden as Marcus Milton

Paul Giamatti as U.S. Secretary of Defense Arthur Gandling


Pink as Herself

Estimated Budget: $180,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $410,000,000 Domestic, $260,000,000 International

Plot Synopsis:

The year is 1990. The place is East Berlin. And history is being made.

Young German boy, Lucas Holt watches as the Berlin Wall, the rock and stone symbol of divisiveness and communism, comes crumbling to the ground.  As Lucas watches his fellow East Germans climb over the wall to the freedom of the West, he promises himself that he will never be a victim again. Especially not of facism…

Flash forward to the year 2020. For the first time in history, mankind is sending 10,000 people into space in order to colonize the moon. There is great hope and excitement in this effort of all of humanity coming together to advance the human race. The future moon citizens were chosen in a global lottery – there is no more sought-after ticket in the world than the one that gets you to the gray rock in the sky.

Lucas Holt is now a man in his 30’s, living in the biggest city in the freest place in the world: New York City, USA. It’s a dream come true and it should be the makings of a great life for the kid from Berlin. But there’s a problem…That problem, is Lucas himself.

Somewhere along the line, Lucas lost his way. Once a promising young Cop, Lucas began giving into his lesser impulses – cheating, lying, stealing on the job – and was fired from the only career he ever loved. Ever since he left the force, Lucas made a living through petty theft and sometimes working as a muscle man for local neighborhood criminal bosses. Even worse, Lucas lost the love of his life, Jenny (Jessica Biel), a beautiful TV news reporter. For too long Lucas neglected Jenny and eventually his refusal to straighten up and fly right caused her to leave.

One day, Lucas is operating a crooked three-card monte game in an alley when a man steps forward from the crowd and says he knows Lucas’ trick and to prove it, he’ll correctly pick the right card in one of Lucas’ three-card shuffles. He’s so confident, in fact, that he’s willing to put his once-in-a-lifetime ticket on the first rocket ship to the Moon on the game. Lucas has no interest in going to the moon but selling that ticket would set him for life. So Lucas agrees to one high-stakes hand of three-card monte.

While, he’s shuffling the cards, Lucas spots two thugs getting out of a car carrying bats and wearing brass knuckles. Lucas soon recognizes these as the two most brutal hitmen of NYC Crime Boss Johnny Luzone. The same Johnny Luzone that Lucas currently owes $10,000 to. In other words, the hitmen are coming for him…

Feeling cornered and desperate, Lucas decides to make his escape. He launches a cardboard box in the air and grabs his opponents ticket to the moon out from his hand while the man cries out in stunned surprise. Lucas sprints through the streets of NYC with the two thugs chasing close behind. After an intense game of cat-and-mouse, Lucas arrives at the gates of the Rocket Launch center. He’s allowed past the gates just as the two hitmen pull-up. They are not let through – they have no tickets.

Lucas Holt now has no choice – he’s heading to the moon.

Lucas sits down in his first-class seat on the rocket ship. He notices a shady man whispering conspiratorially to a group of equally shady-looking men in the front of the ship. He is distracted from this by the arrival of Jenny and her new man, Channel 7 Station Boss Marcus Milton (James Marsden). Looks like Lucas is on a rocket to the moon with his ex-girl and her new beau…

Mid-flight, Lucas and Jenny engage in combative (but undeniably sexy) back-and-forth arguing while Marcus is knocked out sleeping, hilariously oblivious, in between them.

Once they arrive on the moon, Lucas goes to his new living quarters. He meets his new roommate, Bug (Aziz Ansari). Bug is a fast-talking, hilarious dude who seems to have come to the moon because he had nowhere else to go. He constantly annoys Lucas but you can tell they quickly become friends.

One night, while Lucas is out enjoying the view from his Moon patio, he hears a gigantic BOOM from off in the distance. Smoke begins to rise from the Moon capital building. He goes inside and turns on his moon TV. He sees the shady man from his rocket flight speaking to the camera from the Moon Chief’s desk in the capital building. This man is Deiter Vilhelm (Alexander Skarsgard). Dieter announces that he is the leader of a group of Rebel Nazi’s who have taken over all the Moon settlements. Dieter and his band of Nazis realized that their movement had its chance on Earth and failed. So they decided to set their sights on a new target: Taking over the moon. Deiter’s group calls themselves, The Fourth Reich.

The Fourth Reich soon takes over all of the moon settlements and all communication with Earth. They are running the show now…

Lucas Holt is freaking pissed. He remembers his sad, cold childhood and his hatred of Nazis comes rushing back like it never left. He thought he had left all of that crap behind. Soon, Lucas decides: if the Nazis followed him to the moon, he’ll deal with them on the moon. It seems a change is coming over Lucas Holt. Almost like he’s finding the renewed will to live…

Lucas breaks out of his home by breaking a guard’s neck. Lucas tells Bug to stay put and keep him abreast of what’s going on in the mainland while Lucas is away. Bug asks Lucas where he’s going. “I’m going rogue”, Lucas replies. And into the wild moon frontier he goes – ready to kick some Nazi ass, save the moon, and maybe even win back the girl he lost years ago. Relying on his police training and unbridled hatred of all-things Nazi, Lucas turns into a one man army, attacking with stealth and fury – working towards a final showdown with the ruthless Dieter Vilhelm that will determine the fate of the moon once and for all.

“Bad Moon Rising” is an action-filled romp that packs more than just punches: humor, heart, redemption, and revenge are all to be found in this tale of one man finding himself and saving the world. With the future of humanity up for grabs, Bad Moon Rising is one action flick that will have you… over the MOON.

Exclusive Scene From the Script:

Bad Moon Rising Script


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