Occupy Wall St.

Occupy Wall St. PosterOccupy Wall St.


Zach Braff as Zach

Zac Efron as Zac

Harrison Ford as Harrison

Josh Gad as Josh

Selena Gomez as Selena

Topher Grace as Topher

Kevin Hart as Kevin

Anne Hathaway as Anne

Kerry Washington as Kerry

Rebel Wilson as Rebel

Shailene Woodley as Shailene

and Carrot Top as Himself

Estimated Budget: $200,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $205,000,000 Domestic, $33,000,000 International

Plot Synopsis:

In the winter of 2008, the economy began to collapse. In the fall of 2011, the people began to rise up.

Sick of inequality, corruption, greed, and just about everything else, Occupy Wall St. started as an organic movement that gave voice to the voiceless. The 99 percent of people who we’re sick and tired of being held down. It was a protest that changed everything. The lives of the people involved, most of all…

“Occupy Wall St.” is an uplifting and romantic look at the people who gave birth to the movement. The seemingly-never ending connections between them. The laughs, tears, and moments they all share… The way a group of individuals go from 99 percent to 100….

  • Harrison (Harrison Ford) is an aging oil tycoon whose wealth is outnumbered only by his regrets. Harrison has recently learned that he is dying of AIDS. As he sits in his hospital bed, his body ravaged by the AIDS, he looks back on his lifelong pursuit of money and realizes he wasted his time on Earth. He should have been giving back to people and helping those less fortunate. All Harrison wants is one last chance to make things right before he dies of AIDS.
  • Harrison’s estranged son is Zach (Zach Braff), a cynical documentary filmmaker who’s covering the Occupy Wall St. movement just because he wants the paycheck. Somewhere along the way, Zach lost his passion. More than anything, Zach needs to rediscover what life is about and maybe rekindle his relationship with his dying father along the way.
  • Zach’s ex-girlfriend Anne (Anne Hathaway) is one of the founding members of the Occupy Wall St. protests. Anne throws herself into the movement with such dedication that she has little time for a personal life. It’s been years since she’s even been on a date. Because she’s always dressed in dirty protest clothes, guys think she’s ugly and never ask her out. If only they knew what she looked like when she cleaned up… Although, Zach remembers, and thinks maybe he wants her back…
  • Anne’s best friend Kerry (Kerry Washington) is a schoolteacher who tries her best but can never seem to make ends meet. Kerry is a sweetheart who desperately needs to harness the anger she hides into something productive – like a citywide movement perhaps…
  • Kerry is relentlessly pursued by Kevin (Kevin Hart) a hilarious taxi driver who gets involved with the Occupy Wall St. movement by pure chance as he follows Kerry through the streets of NYC, asking her out on a date at every street corner.  Kerry tells him she doesn’t think he can be serious about anything, so Kevin commits to the protests as a way to show her he can be.  Also, Kevin is Zach’s best friend.
  • Kevin’s other friend is Zac (Zac Efron), a post-collegiate slacker who charms his way through life while avoiding responsibilities at all costs. Zac is a bit of playboy who doesn’t seem to care about anything at all. Until one day, sprinting away from a one-night stand after her boyfriend came home early, Zac collides with Shailene (Shailene Woodley) on an NYC street corner. After a romantic flirtation, Shailene tells Zac he should come with to her to the Occupy Wall St. protest she’s heading to. This girl is cute so Zac says yes. Also, Zac is Anne’s brother and Shailene used to work with Kerry…
  • Shailene used to work with Kerry and is friendly with Anne (although she doesn’t know Zac is her brother). She decided to become a nurse and now she comforts patients on their deathbed. It is to her that Harrison reflects on all his regrets and she is determined to help Harrison make amends by getting him to the Occupy Wall St. protests where he can renounce his greedy ways before he dies. Because she cares for dying people, Shailene has been buttoned up most of her life. What she wants more than anything is to cut loose for once and have some fun. The kind of fun her outrageous friend Rebel (Rebel Wilson) has every day.
  • Rebel is an immigrant from Britain who came to the U.S. for a better life. Finding out that things in the states were pretty terrible too, she became a vocal (and hilarious) member of the Occupy Wall St. movement. Always the one with the megaphone, Rebel has never really been able to meet her match in life. That is, until she’s introduced to Shailene’s brother, the shy and awkward Josh (Josh Gad), who’s tagging along to the protests with them because he has nothing better to do after making a million dollars with the computer company he built.
  • Josh (friends with Zach and Kevin, cousin to Anne, former boss of Kerry, and business associate with Harrison) may be rich from his computer company, but his heart is with the protestors. Prone to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, Josh needs a strong-willed woman in his life to care for him. And he thinks that woman might just be Rebel… He talks about Rebel with the only employee at his computer company, Selena (Selena Gomez), a rebellious computer programmer who can hack through anything…except the steel walls around her heart.
  • Selena has a tough exterior that no one has been able to crack so far. She hates rich people (except for her boss Josh) and is Occupy Wall St.’s resident tech expert. If any rich person talks to Selena, they better watch out for her fierce attitude and quick temper…But nobody told Topher that.
  • Topher (Topher Grace) is just who Selena hates most: A cocky, wall street fat-cat who lines his pocket with the tears of poor old ladies. When she’s called in to repair the computer system at Topher’s investment firm, Selena and Topher immediately start bickering with each other. But it seems under the surface there may be something more there… Something like a mutual attraction. Also, Topher is Josh’s older brother, Kerry’s ex-boyfriend and Kevin’s friend.

And like life, these crisscrossing connections form the heart of “Occupy Wall St.”. A true to heart portrayal of 21st century America, “Occupy Wall St.” has it all: From a dying man’s last shot at redemption to a schoolteacher finding a much-needed backbone (and a man). This is a film that checks off every item in the emotions handbook. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll love, you’ll outrage, you’ll find the inspiration to carry on… “Occupy Wall St.” is one film that will have you saying, “We are the 100%… of people that love this movie!”

Exclusive Scene From The Script:

Occupy Wall St. Script

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