Doug Glass: Hockey Dad of Death

Hockey Dad

Doug Glass: Hockey Dad of Death


Keanu Reeves as Doug “The Butcher” Glass

Michael Shannon as Canadian Mafia Boss Garth Davis

Jack Huston as Mafia Lieutenant Giles Degiles

Rick Yune as Jimmy Tan

Carla Gugino as Mergen Glass

Jaeden Martell as Charlie Glass

Morgan Freeman as “The Goalkeeper”

Sandra Bullock as The Maple Leaf Lady

Estimated Budget: $145,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $730,500,000 (Domestic), $300,000,000 (International)

Plot Synopsis:

Doug Glass (Keanu Reeves) wasn’t the greatest Canadian Minor League Hockey player ever, but he was the most feared.

During a twenty-year career in the Canadian Hockey Minor Leagues, Glass was the most ruthless on-the-ice enforcer in the same. Known for his punishing cross-checks, Doug Glass spent decades on various rosters to perform one job: Knocking guys out cold. Known for his icy-calm demeanor that could flip in an instance, Doug Glass achieved one of the most remarkable records in Canadian sports history: He retired with a 107-0 record in hockey fights, none of which he initiated. All the more impressive was the fact that minor league hockey was only a part time job for Doug. He spent his daylight hours carving up meat in the local butcher shop, wielding the sharp metal knives with the same dexterity that he handled a hockey stick… Because of this, he was known around the league by the nickname, “The Butcher”.

There were many around the league who said Glass’ on ice performance was only possible because of his fatalistic attitude: Doug, a natural loner, had nothing real to live for and thus didn’t really care about any potential damage his body might suffer. But one night, that all changed… That night, during a run-of-the-mill regular season game, a woman sat in the stands watching Doug’s Toronto Toughnecks take on the Saskatchewan Engines. Her name was Mergen (Carla Gugino). And she soon became the love of Doug Glass’ life.

Walking out of the stadium that night, Doug and Mergen come across each other for the first time. Their mutual attraction obvious, Doug shyly asks Mergen if she wants to go to Tim Horton’s for a coffee. She says yes. They stay up until sunrise, talking. About life. About love. About everything under the sun. Except hockey.

The next morning, Doug Glass retires from the Canadian Hockey Minor Leagues. He never plays another period.

For ten years, Doug and Mergen live a dream life. They marry. Have a son named Charlie (Jaeden Martell). Doug spends his days in the butcher shop, chopping up meat with his sharp knives. Olivia is a schoolteacher who teaches ugly children how to read…

Now age 10, Charlie has shown an aptitude for the ice that outpaces even his father’s. Many scouts say, with some luck, the boy has the talent to make it all the way to the NHL… Filled with pride, Doug Glass attends every single one of Charlie’s hockey games, sitting calmly in the stands, cheering on his boy without ever raising his voice.

Charlie is soon invited to play with Toronto’s premier Under 12 (U12) Boys hockey team: The Toronto Skulls. This is the big leagues. Charlie will be playing against the best U12 boys hockey players in the world’s most hockey-crazy country. This includes monthly matchups against the class of the U12 league: The Hamilton Flyers. The Flyers have a history of sending a remarkable 40% of their players to the NHL.

But the Hamilton Flyers have a dark secret, unknown to nearly every Canadian hockey fan: The Flyers entire organization is run by the Canadian Mafia, known informally as the Maple Boys. The Maple Boys are the reason nearly half of Flyers players went to the NHL: If you’re a young boy with promising hockey talent, these Canadian Mobsters will ensure you join their team. Their recruitment strategy begins with gifts to players. If this proves unsuccessful, they move on to intimidation. If a player continues resisting the team, their family members start suffering “unfortunate” accidents. After that, few refuse to join. Once these boys reach the NHL, they are then expected to pay a portion of their annual salary to the mafia that got them there. It’s a vicious process.

The U12 hockey season kicks off and Charlie Glass quickly becomes the league’s brightest star, with Doug Glass cheering in the stands at every game. In the team’s 11th game of the season, against the Hamilton Flyers, Charlie scores a hat trick and leads his boys to an easy victory. Walking out to the car that night, Doug and Charlie are first contacted by a member of the Maple Boys named Jimmy Tan (Rick Yune). Jimmy offers Charlie a pair of new skates and tells him he’d be a natural on the Flyers roster. Doug Glass lets Jimmy Tan know that Charlie is happy where he’s at. Doug refuses to let his son accept the skates as a gift.

The season progresses and Charlie continues to dominate, leading the Skulls all the way to the league championship game. Throughout the year, Jimmy Tan and other members of the Maple Boys continue to try and recruit Charlie to come play for the Hamilton Flyers. Finally, the night before the big game, Jimmy begins threatening Doug and his family, saying that if he doesn’t let his son play for the Flyers, bad things will happen. Doug Glass has had enough. A decade’s worth of bottled rage bubbles up and he beats the living shit out of Jimmy Tan, almost killing the mobster. He only stops the beat down because Charlie begs him to.

The next day, Charlie leads the Toronto Skulls to the championship over the Hamilton Flyers.

The morning after the championship, the Glass family’s glorious breakfast is interrupted when Doug gets a call letting him know the Butcher Shop is on fire. He rushes to the scene to see the shop completely up in flames, burning to ashes. Doug spends a long day, trying to put out the fire before it reaches other buildings.

In the evening, an exhausted Doug Glass returns home to an eerily quiet house, knowing the only cure for what ails him is his family. He calls for his wife and son but receives no response. He searches the house. Upstairs. The living room. Then, the basement…

And in the basement he finds his wife and his son, murdered. The life choked out of them by hockey sticks held to their windpipes. Doug collapses in grief. He holds his wife and son in his arms, while he wails into the night… And then he notices a patch haphazardly sewed to the hockey jersey his son was wearing at the time of his death. It’s the patch of the Hamilton Flyers.

Doug now understands. This was a revenge killing, carried about by the Canadian Mafia.

After almost fifteen years since hanging up his skates, Doug Glass is now ready to unleash his inner rage the way it’s never been unleashed before.

Doug goes out to the shed behind his house where he has stored a thousand of his sharpest, most deadly butcher knives.

He takes a shovel and digs a deep hole in his backyard until Doug finds what he’s looking for: His Toronto Toughnecks jersey from the night he met his wife, buried deep into the dirt. He puts the jersey on and straps the knives to his belt.

The Butcher is ready to carve…

Out for vengeance, out for blood, out for every last member of the Maple Boys, Doug Glass is ready to take his enforcing skills to a new level. After decades of pent up aggression, and now even more pissed off because the Canadian Mafia killed his family, Doug “The Butcher” Glass sets out to take down the entire mob, one man at a time. His violent journey will take him to hockey rinks around Canada where the Maple Boys are waiting to take down the man who kept them from the boy who could have made them millions… But what the Maple Boys don’t know is that when it comes to death matches featuring butcher knives, nothing can break Glass!

Doug Glass: Hockey Dad of Death is a nonstop parade of violent revenge that will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering how many more ways a Canadian mobster can be killed with an ice skate. From hockey pucks slammed into adam’s apples to hockey sticks jammed in eye sockets, Doug Glass will wow you with the sheer variety of kills on the screen and the sheer volume of blood spilled on the ice. So skate on over to your local theater, because Doug Glass: Hockey Dad of Death is one movie idea that’s sure to score all the goals!

Exclusive Scene from the Script:

DG Script

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