Two Sides of the Same Bitcoin


Rachel McAdams as Julia Justice

Vin Diesel as Lance Justice / Mister Crypto

Jeff Daniels as FBI Bureau Chief Martin Wilcox

Thandie Newton as Senator Vivian Grace

Peter Sarsgaard as Daddy Bitcoin

Finn Wolfhard as Data Point

Jason Clarke as Lance Justice Sr.

and Dane DeHaan as Elon Musk

Estimated Budget: $255,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $407,500,000 Domestic, $220,000,000 International

Plot Synopsis:

As children, twin siblings Julia and Lance Justice loved playing Cops and Robbers. Julia was always the cop. Lance, the robber, who’s specialty was pretending to give himself up, only to pull a trick and run away at the last moment before being put in pretend jail.

Growing up, the two were as close as twins could be.

But over time, they began to go their separate ways. Once their mother died when the twins were in their early 20s, they lost all contact with each other, each committing fully to their own pursuits.

For Julia (Rachel McAdams), that meant rising up the FBI’s digital crimes division. Known for being the bureau’s foremost expert on burgeoning crypto-currency scams, Julia was the person they called when digital funds were being stolen, fabricated, or counterfeited. After leading a recent major bust of a new crypto-scam (“Rogue Coin”), the Bureau Chief Martin Wilcox (Jeff Daniels) calls Julia into his office, telling her she’s landed the big one.

Julia is given ownership of a taskforce dedicated to uncovering the identity of the mysterious Mister Crypto, thought to be the largest holder of bitcoin in the world. Crypto’s wealth is immense, but increasingly, there are signs that he may be making this digital money illegally, not by farming bitcoin but by executing high-concept digital thefts… like some kind of computer-based Ocean’s 11. Julia’s task is to uncover Mister Crypto’s identity and bring him to justice.

A series of exciting chases ensue, both in the real world and in the digital one (Julia is also an expert coder who can uncover a person’s life story just by knowing their latest Amazon purchase), between Julia and the infamous Mister Crypto. In one action packed scene, Julia and Crypto engage in a motorcycle chase through the streets of Washington D.C. while weaving in and out of the literal gridlock traffic that also represents the political gridlock happening inside the buildings that surround them.

Finally, Julia has Mister Crypto cornered at the very top of the Capitol building where she discovers a haunting secret:

Her twin brother Lance is Mister Crypto (Vin Diesel).

On top of the Capitol, Lance informs his sister that he does steal bitcoin but it’s not what she thinks. Bitcoin is killing the environment, with the massive server farms needed to mine it. So, Lance has begun simply stealing the money from those mining it in order to punish them… and if it enriches him in the process of teaching these people a lesson, so be it…

But there’s more:  The government has known all along that Lance is Mister Crypto and they’re aware of his reasons for doing what he does. Their goal is to stop him not because of his thefts, but because a consortium of bitcoin holders have infiltrated the highest levels of government and want the currency to eventually replace the dollar as the global standard.

Lance pleads with his sister to join his side and help him steal the global supply of bitcoin so that the corrupt government’s plan can’t come to fruition, and so the earth can begin to heal..

What to believe, Julia thinks…

As she debates the offer, Julia notices that the building is silently being surrounded by federal agents, who have tracked them there. A helicopter flies overhead, releasing a rope, which Lance grabs a hold of. Before he rappels into the whirlybird, he hands Julia a gps tracker. “Come find me” he says… leaving sister alone.

As the federal agents storm the building, moments too late to arrest Mister Crypto, Julia’s head is spinning. She knows the decision she must make: Is her loyalty to her blood or her country?

Two Sides of the Same Bitcoin is a modern thriller that combines action, intrigue, double-crossing, triple-crossing, sibling rivalry, government conspiracies, and much more. In a film that asks difficult questions about the role of modern technology in an increasingly complex geo-political landscape, the only thing more exciting than the cat and mouse game being played on the screen is the emotional turmoil experienced inside the minds of the characters. Two Sides of the Same Bitcoin will have you on the edge of your seat as you await the answer to an age-old question: Is blood thicker than bitcoin?

Exclusive Scene From The Script:

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