The Fart Doctor

The Fart Doctor


Keanu Reeves as Dr. Keanu Hothley

Katherine Heigl as Regina Gasser

Eva Mendes as Rachel Lopez

Adam Scott as Jim

Rosie O’Donnell as Herself

Estimated Budget: $40,000,000

Estimated Box Office Gross: $65,000,000 Domestic ($75,000,000)

Plot Synopsis:

Her entire life Regina Gasser (Katherine Heigl) has wanted to reach the top. And now that she’s closer than she’s ever been to her dream job of being an NFL Monday Night Football sideline reporter she knows that there’s only one thing standing in her way; a secret she’s lived with since she was a little girl…Something that has affected her every day…Regina’s secret is that she’s a sufferer of a disease called Hyper Fartoma. Regina, it turns out, can never stop farting! Regina knows she must get in control of her problem since it always flares up worst when she’s under a lot of pressure, so she finally gets the courage to go see a doctor.

Dr. Keanu Hothley (Keanu Reeves) is a successful yet depressed gastrointestinal doctor. His girlfriend (Eva Mendes) recently left him for his best friend Jim (Adam Scott) and Dr. Keanu has sworn off love forever. Not to mention, Jim is also his main rival for the position of #1 Gas Doctor in the country. Dr. Keanu knows that he needs to come up with the most interesting case study ever in order to win at this year’s National Gastrointestinal Doctor’s Conference where they award Best Doctor of the Year. Everyone knows the contest is going to come down to Dr. Keanu and Jim.

A romantic comedy of the strongest smelling kind, The Fart Doctor examines what happens when two people in need of saving find each other but need to open their hearts, and close their butts, in order to see that together they make one pungent connection!

Exclusive Scene from the Script:

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