Identity Theft

Identity Theft


Keanu Reeves as Colt Jeffries

Paul Walker as John Grand

Al Pacino as Counter Terror Defense Chief David Millar

Robert De Niro as President Odell Muskegon

Blake Lively as Alison Shipe

Amanda Peet as Kelly Jeffries


Vincent Cassel as Pierre Lassange

Estimated Budget: $55,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $150,000,000 Domestic, $102,000,000 International

Plot Synopsis:

Washington DC Special Agents Colt Jeffries (Keanu Reeves) and John Grand (Paul Walker) are the top cyber-terrorism defense agents in the world. The two partners and best friends have revolutionized the Cyber Terrorism Defense Department (CTDD) that was built by their gruff-yet-brilliant boss, Cyber Chief David Millar (Al Pacino), two decades ago.

Millar has spent his career fighting one administration after the next that feels his department’s budget could better be spent elsewhere and it has been his championing of Jeffries and Grand’s successes that secured funding for years. Millar has always planned to name both Jeffries and Grand his co-successors when he retires at the end of the year.

In addition to being the top digital crime fighters in the world, Jeffries and Grand are also expert Base Jumpers who spend their free time challenging each other to jumps of escalating risk and danger.

After months of hunting, Jeffries and Grand have finally cornered Pierre Lassange (Vincent Cassel), a famous cyber-terrorist who has been leaking classified US government documents to the public for years.

The night of the raid on Lassange’s estate, it’s discovered that Lassange is holding Colt’s wife Kelly hostage and that he’ll only let her go if the two agents allow him to escape. A gun-fight breaks out and in the chaos that follows John Grand captures Lassange while unknowingly letting Kelly Jeffries fall to her death. Colt is inconsolable when he discovers that his wife died and although he doesn’t put the blame on John for her death, he has a look in his eye that is unsettling. Like something has snapped in his mind.

While transporting Lassange to Cyber-Terrorism Defense headquarters in DC, the terrorist escapes using a highly coordinated attack on the SWAT van carrying himself, Jeffries and Grand.

Worse yet, once the two agents return to HQ they discover that Lassange has framed Jeffries for the death of his own wife using digitally altered surveillance footage. This footage convinces a jury who, despite testimony from John Grand in his defense, sentences Colt to life in prison.

It’s 10 Years Later.

John Grand is on top of the world. Dating the beautiful Alison Shipe (Blake Lively), Grand has now taken over the CTDD from Chief David Millar, who retired once his appeal to get Colt Jeffries released from prison failed.

Grand has been preparing for months for the biggest moment of his career: The 7 largest economies on Earth have agreed to consolidate their national budgets into one digital bank account in order to serve the better interests of the entire world. Grand has been tabbed by US President Odell Muskegon (Robert De Niro) to oversee this transaction – the largest in human history. To help him with this massive undertaking, Grand has brought David Millar out of retirement to act as a consultant.

The night the global transaction is to take place, there is a breakout at the maximum security Washington DC International Prison. During the breakout, it’s discovered that Colt Jeffries was killed by police guards.

In an elaborate ceremony, the leaders of the 7 nations participating in the initiative all deposit their nation’s fortune into the global joint bank account. However, after several agonizing minutes waiting for their money to appear in the account, the entire world soon realizes that the bank account is empty: The money never got there.

After frantically following the trail of the missing money, all signs point to one man: Cyber-Terror Defense Chief John Grand.

The last person to realize that it looks like John Grand stole the global economy is John Grand. Because, as it turns out, he actually had nothing to do with it. Shortly after the police begin banging down his door, John gets an anonymous phone call: It’s from Colt. He’s alive.

Colt has become unhinged during his 10 years unjustly locked in prison and he blames both his incarceration and his wife’s death on his former best friend. So he broke out of prison, faked his own death, stole the entire global economy, and used his cyber-terror skills to steal John Grand’s identity and frame him for the crime. And worse yet, he plans to commit a string of digital crimes using Grand’s identity until Grand is sent to prison for life, just like Colt was.

So John Grand sets out across Washington DC to hunt down his best friend (and the only man in the world with comparable cyber-terror skills) while the rest of the world hunts for Grand himself. He must stay under the radar and operate alone in order to restore his name and save the global economy.

Using the encrypted phone left for him by Colt, Grand has a series of conversations with Colt that reveal his former partner’s insane world view and globe-threatening plan. With each conversation, Colt reveals new clues about his plan and current location. Many chase scenes occur: both on foot and in mid-air while the two men base-jump off the many high landmarks found in Washington DC to escape the things that hunt them.

While this takes place, President Muskegon, facing a global controversy, demands that the Cyber Terror Defense Department be shut down. But David Millar, who’s confident of John Grand’s innocence, fiercely fights for the survival of the organization that he built. Thus, while Colt Jeffries and John Grand wage their own war, the President and Millar engage in a series of intense arguments that could determine the fate of the entire planet.

Identity Theft is a tense, action-packed psychological game of digital cat and mouse that showcases two generations of legendary actors at the peak of their powers. From the halls of congress to the top of the Washington Monument for a climax that finds two former best friends battling in mid-air as they base-jump from one of our nation’s oldest symbols of freedom, Identity Theft will have you on the edge of your computer chair. When these iconic actors face off to save (or destroy) the world, you won’t be able to click away!

Exclusive Scene From The Script:

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