Daniel Day Lewis as Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

Danny Devito as Kim Jong IL

Olivia Munn as Ri Sol-Ju

Barack Obama as Himself (Archive Footage)

John Cho as Lieutenant Kim

Daniel Dae Kim as Admiral Kwon

and Dennis Rodman as Himself

Estimated Budget: $70,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $125,000,000 Domestic, $100,000,000 International

Likely Academy Award Winner for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, and Best Original Score

Plot Synopsis:

Sometime in January of either 1983 or maybe 1984, the future of North Korea was born. That future came in the form of a baby named Kim Jong Un, the third son of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il.

Un. is his story.

Tracing his entire life, Un. first shows us Kim Jong Un (Daniel Day Lewis) on the night before he is to become Supreme Leader of North Korea.  Un is in a contemplative mood as he thinks back on his life and the lessons passed down to him by his father, Kim Jong IL (Danny Devito). Joined on his reminiscence by his friend Dennis Rodman (Playing Himself), we see the major events in the young ruler’s life:

Kim Jung Un as a boy being taught lessons on leadership and courage by his father Kim Jong IL that would stay with him his entire life.

  • The father showing the son how to inspect a missile.
  • The father revealing the proper way to pose for official portraits.
  • The father sentencing a North Korean official who sneezed to a death by shooting gallery.
  • The father teaching the son how to iron his pant-suits to ensure a crisp, unblemished look befitting the leader of a great nation.

Kim Jung Un going to middle school in Sweden using a fake name that hides his true identity from his classmates.

  • Un’s awkward first kiss while playing “Pull the Chocolate Bar” at a party.
  • The hi-jinks that ensue when Kim Jong IL shows up unannounced and catches Un pleasuring himself in his dorm room.
  • Un becoming a captain of his co-ed softball team and discovering the leadership qualities that would come to serve him later in life.

The tragic death of Kim Jung IL and Kim Jung Un’s rise to power.

  • The devastating yet historic night when Kim Jong IL passed away and the North Korean leadership gathered around Un to salute him with “The Supreme Leader has become the sunshine and a rainbow! Long Live the Supreme Leader!”
  • The instant chemistry when Un first meets North Korean pop star, Ri Sol-Ju (Olivia Munn).
  • The fiery meetings when Un’s cabinet pleads with him not to threaten the US with Nuclear Weapons – a move Un feels he must make to assert his legitimacy and power.
  • Un guiding a vulnerable nation through times of economic and social strife by touring the many businesses, sights, and people of North Korea.
  • Un marrying Ri Sol-Ju and their passionate, sexy wedding night.
  • Un staring down the world and the world blinking first.

Kim Jong Un is a figure who has defined our modern times.

A Biopic like any other, Un. explores the myth behind the man to discover the truth not about just one individual, but about all of us. Featuring a lead performance by Daniel Day Lewis that will no doubt astonish and amaze, Un. is a master class in how a legendary acting performance can transport viewers to another time and place and make us feel as though we lived it ourselves. A likely contender for all the major awards, Un. is a true cinematic masterpiece.

Go update your passport, because after this movie, you’ll be buying UN (or maybe dos!) ticket(s) to North Korea!

Exclusive Scene From the Script:

UN Script


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