Robert DeNiro as Tommy Muzone

Al Pacino as Paulie Pallazo

Christopher Walken as Pete Fingers

Joe Pesci as Frankie Uno

Benjamin Bratt as Vincent Domingo

Jennifer Lopez as Nurse Carla

Estimated Budget: $90,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $205,000,000 Domestic, $408,000,000 International

Plot Synopsis:

Back in their day, Tommy Muzone, Paulie Palazzo, Frankie Uno, and Pete Fingers led the most powerful and feared mafia family in New York.  But even for mobsters, time is every man’s ultimate boss… And it’s not their day anymore.

Now the guys find themselves in the last place they ever expected to be: The Shady Acres Retirement Community in Palm Beach, Florida!

Tommy (Robert DeNiro) was always the leader. The one who thought up the schemes that made the guys rich and powerful beyond their wildest dreams.  Tommy is an intimidating, no-nonsense guy who just isn’t made for these modern times.

Paulie (Al Pacino) was the money man. He oversaw all mafia gambling activity and made sure the gang’s books were always in the black.  When he’s not balancing assets and liabilities, Paulie is an incorrigible lady-killer who will flirt with anything that walks.

Frankie Uno (Joe Pesci) was the hot-headed enforcer who makes up for his small stature with a hair-trigger temper and ruthless affinity for violence.  Frankie’s a loud-mouth who keeps the gang laughing, even when he’s not trying to be funny.

Pete Fingers (Christopher Walken) was the greatest Con-Man and Pick-Pocket the mafia ever employed. When it came to ripping off rubes there was no smoother operator than Pete Fingers in his prime. Nowadays Pete is more likely to steal a few minutes of sleep than a dollar, but he’s still capable of a few tricks when he wants to be.

When the guys make the move to Shady Acres it’s a difficult adjustment from their former rough and tumble ways. But soon, they’re practically running the place:

  • Paulie oversees the bookmaking on the morning Shuffle Board tournaments held in the Shady Acres courtyard. (“You better pay me my 3 G’s Walter. I don’t want to have to come looking for you! And I don’t think Mrs. Lowenstein would be happy to hear you lost her pearls in a bet…”)
  • Frankie is making a dime protecting Shady Acres residents from unwanted solicitations by Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other door-to-door types.  (In one funny scene Frankie ties a Mormon’s tie around his throat until he passes out)
  • Pete dominates the community’s daily cribbage game by hiding cards up his sleeve.
  • And in the old mafia veterans’ most lucrative operation, Tommy has used his access to the black-market to begin importing and selling Viagra pills to the men of Shady Acres under the table.  (One hilarious segment sees an endless line of old men queue up in front of Tommy’s room while the nursing staff looks on, bewildered)

Just when the guys have Shady Acres all figured out, trouble comes in the form of Vincent Domingo (Benjamin Bratt) a land developer who recently purchased Shady Acres and the surrounding property. Vincent presents a respectable face to the public but is secretly ripping off the residents of Shady Acres at every turn, both by over-charging them for their apartments and community services and also by stealing jewelry and money from their rooms while the residents themselves are robbed of the care they need.

If there’s one thing that Tommy, Paulie, Frankie, and Pete can’t abide, it’s another man coming in and ripping off THEIR people. So the guys set out to take Vincent Domingo down once and for all. Schemes will be launched and hi-jinks will ensue as these bad guys experience for the first time in their life what it’s like to be good!

OldFellas is a sure-to-be classic comedy that will have you laughing and critics saying, “I can’t believe it’s even possible to fit that many erectile dysfunction jokes into one 90 minute movie”!  Because what these Dons are finding out is that there’s no retiring from a life in the mob. And just like Tommy and the gang, you’ll realize that every time you think you’re out, OldFellas PULLS YOU BACK IN!

Exclusive Scene From the Script:

OF Script

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