Rogue Dookie

RD Final

Rogue Dookie


Joel Edgerton as Commander Mick Turnbull

Jessica Chastain as Physicist Athena Trudeau

Michael B. Jordan as Mathematician Chauncey Grass

Michelle Rodriguez as Biologist June Diaz

Willem Dafeo as “ROSS” the Computer System

Estimated Budget: $110,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $250,000,000 (Domestic), $85,000,000 (International)

Plot Synopsis:

In the not-so-distant future, the crew of the Neptune 7 space shuttle is celebrating.

The Neptune 7 has just completed the first human landing on Saturn’s moon, Titan, often thought to be the most likely place for human habitation in the solar system outside of Earth. The American crew, led by Commander Mick Turnbull (Joel Edgerton), spent 3 years traveling to Titan. Upon touching down on the planet’s surface, Turnbull, along with physicist Athena Trudeau (Jessica Chastain), mathematician Chauncey Grass (Michael B. Jordan) and planetary Biologist June Diaz (Michelle Rodriguez), became the first human beings to set foot on what may be humanity’s best chance for a second home.

While the Neptune 7 crew represents the best and brightest minds of the American space program, they also are each among its most tragic. Years ago, Mick’s wife and daughter were blown up in a power plant explosion and died. Around that same time, Athena’s girlfriend was bungee jumping in New Zealand and her rope snapped and she too died. Not to be outdone, Chauncey’s Grandmother, who inspired him to enroll in the NASA Astronaut Program, had recently caught a deadly case of the measles (she was anti-vax) and died more painfully than the others. And finally, June Diaz’s brother was killed 6 months before the Neptune 7 launch by a String Ray while he was on a PR assignment to rehabilitate the animal’s image decades after the death of Steve Irwin. His death was the most ironic of them all…. Perhaps, in the end, it was this shared trauma that motivated these remarkable individuals to spent almost 7 years on a rocket ship traveling into the far reaches of space…

Throughout their journey, the crew has been accompanied by the ship’s AI navigation and operational program called the Robotic Orientation Satellite System (ROSS). ROSS (Willem Dafoe) is an omnipresent voice on the ship, providing a calming (or possibly unnerving?) presence to the crew as it carries out the functional tasks of the space shuttle.

After 6 days and 13 hours on the surface of Titan, the Neptune 7 began their 750-million-mile journey back to earth. During those 6 days and 13 hours, each of the crew members spent a significant amount of time alone, carrying out individual experiments for the good of science and exploration, with only ROSS aware of what each astronaut was doing the entire time.

Spirits are high on the way home, both figuratively and literally, as Chauncey opens up a high-quality bottle of champagne he smuggled on board. After a few glasses of bubbly, the crew decides to spend their last night before the 3 year cryo-sleep celebrating a job well done. Thus, the Neptune 7 proceed to get really drunk and hook up with each other. First, Mick with Athena and Chauncy with June, then Mick with June and Chauncey with Athena, then Mick with Chauncey and Athena with June. It’s the future and sexual norms are more relaxed but still, it’s pretty damn crazy… and ROSS watches it all.

The next morning, the Neptune 7 crew awakes, hungover, and slightly embarrassed about all the previous night’s hooking up. They share an awkward breakfast, with ROSS making dryly humorous allusions to the debauchery he witnessed. When the last strip of space bacon is finished, the crew breaks apart to shower before cryo-sleep.

While showering, Mick hears Chauncey scream in disgust. He goes to investigate and discovers Chauncey in the hallway of the ship’s loading dock, examining his foot. Next to Chauncey, with a fresh footprint in its center, is a giant pile of poop….

Obviously, it seems to the crew, someone took a dump on the floor of the loading dock while really drunk. The question is, who? None of the Neptune 7 claims to have any memory of the final hours of the previous night. Athena asks ROSS to check his video archives but curiously, the computer informs her that his loading dock camera was offline for 45 minutes last night and seems to have failed to capture the poop culprit… Very curious.

June, the resident biologist, takes the pile of crap to her lab to get answers. She runs a series of tests and compares the results to the DNA profiles of each member of the Neptune 7. At the end of her analysis, June has made a startling discovery:

The poop does not belong to any member of the Neptune 7 crew….

As the crew huddles around the rec room table to discuss what June’s findings may mean, they can’t help but privately ask themselves a few questions. Questions like:

  • Why has ROSS been acting suspiciously lately? And how did he fail to capture the poop culprit in the loading dock on his surveillance system?
  • What did each crew member get up to during their time alone on Titan – and why are each of them so reluctant to share it with the others? Does it have to do with the poop?
  • Why do the dead members of their past (Mike’s wife and daughter, Athena’s girlfriend, Chauncey’s grandmother, June’s brother) keep appearing on the ship, as though they are some sort of mirage that disappears when you get to close? Do ghosts poop?
  • And perhaps most importantly: If the poop truly doesn’t belong to any of the Neptune 7, who actually unleashed it? And what do they want???

Rogue Dookie is a sci-fi thriller with heart that explores the deep recesses of both space and the human psyche. It looks at what happens when people who must rely on each other for survival lose all trust in each other. This a film that will shake audiences to their core while its secrets and nearly endless twists are revealed. What starts with a poop on the ground will end with your jaw on the floor. Rogue Dookie is one movie that is simply OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Exclusive Scene from the Script:


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