Greg Vs The Keg

Greg Vs The Keg Poster

Greg Vs The Keg


Jake Johnson as Greg Dingle

Alison Brie as Ellie Ferf

Zachary Levi as Riley Sage

JK Simmons as Mr. Klaus

Olivia Wilde as Theresa Boner

Robert Duvall as Papa Yango


George Wendt as Himself/Norm from Cheers

Estimated Budget: $35,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $108,00,000 (Domestic),$ 55,000,000 (International)

Plot Synopsis:

Greg Dingle (Jake Johnson) is a loser.

Unhappy, unmotivated, out of shape and down-on-his-luck, the only thing Greg has going for him is a girlfriend who’s had just about enough of his crap and a job he’s barely hanging on to. Greg works as a producer for “Beer In Your Backyard”, a TV show that highlights local craft beers in the Chicago area. Ratings are terrible and ad money isn’t coming in – Greg’s boss, Mr. Klaus (J.K. Simmons) thinks the show is too old fashioned for today’s youth and he constantly threatens to fire Greg.

One morning, Greg wakes up to a baseball shattering his bedroom window and he can tell it’s going to be a terrible day. And a terrible day, it is.

  • First, Greg meets his girlfriend Theresa (Olivia Wilde) for breakfast. Theresa tells a hungover Greg that she’s finally had enough and she’s breaking up with him. Worse, she’s been seeing someone else – and it just so happens that the guy is coming to pick her up. Not long after, Riley Sage (Zachary Levi) shows up to introduce himself as Theresa’s new boyfriend. He seems like a real hotshot d-bag.
  • Next, while driving to work Greg’s phone starts ringing. In the MILISECOND he picks it up to look at it, he immediately gets pulled over for texting while driving.
  • Looking for some comfort at lunch, Greg goes to his favorite bar, “The Brown Tap”, where his long-time friend (and owner of The Brown Tap) Old Papa Yango (Robert Duvall) tells him he’s going to have to close the bar for good due to lack of customers.
  • On his way back from lunch, Greg gets pooped on by a bird.
  • Back from lunch, Greg is called into his boss’ office where Mr. Klaus tells him today is the day – they’re officially canceling “Beer In Your Backyard”. Even worse, to appeal to the younger generation, they’re replacing Greg’s show with a new program called “The Bro-Zone”. When Greg asks what “The Bro-Zone” is, Mr. Klaus tells him to, “Think of lots of bros, babes in bikinis, and midgets being dared to do stuff”… As he’s leaving the awful meeting, Greg runs into the new producer for “The Bro-Zone”. It’s Riley Sage.

That night, Greg goes to The Brown Tap to drink his sorrows away. As he rambles on in misery (over 10 beers) to the beautiful but attainable bartender Ellie (Alison Brie), he has one of those moments of drunken brilliance that can change everything:

Greg is tired of being kicked in the face by life and going down without a fight. Greg knows it’s too late to get his show back. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late for Greg. So he comes up with an idea:

Greg’s going to create his own show where he tries to drink an entire keg of beer by himself in 24 hours. And he’ll put it on YouTube.

The next day, Greg runs into Riley Sage. As they talk, Riley learns of Greg’s new show. He laughs at it and makes fun of him, then lays down a bet:

If Greg’s 24 Hour Keg Drinkathon YouTube show gets more views than the first episode of “The Bro-Zone”, Riley will eat a plate of dog crap and wash it down with a glass of Axe Body Spray. If Greg loses, he has to move out of town.

With his newfound passion for life, Greg isn’t backing down. The bet is on.

The morning of the 24 Hour Keg Drinkathon, Ellie from The Brown Tap shows up at Greg’s place and says she was moved by his dedication to his idea. She wants to help him produce the show behind the scenes, while Greg stars on-screen drinking a keg’s worth of beers. Soon, the two are working together – and almost as soon, sparks are flying between them.

Finally the time is at hand: With no planned schedule, just a keg full of cold brown deliciousness, Greg sits on the couch in his apartment and prepares to drink a butt-load of beer on YouTube. He’s got a long day ahead, and almost impossible odds – but Greg realizes, as Ellie counts down 5 seconds until they go live on air, sometimes a man has to stare impossible odds in the face and burp a beer-filled burp right in their direction.

The red light on the camera goes on. And the 24 Hour Keg Drinkathon begins.

“Greg Vs. The Keg” is a hilarious underdog story about finding what you love and seeing it through. A boozy tale of picking yourself up when life kicks you down, “Greg Vs. The Keg” reminds us that when we put ourselves to the test, we can achieve greatness. The laughs and feel-good moments will be pouring out like somebody forgot to shut off the tap; “Greg Vs. The Keg” is one movie that will have you asking for a refill!

Exclusive Scene From The Script:

Greg Vs The Keg Script

High Time(s) Machine

High Time(s) Machine Poster

High Time(s) Machine


Jack Black as Dickie Stone (Age 45)

Emile Hirsch as Dickie Stone (Age 28)

Benicio Del Toro as La Rosa Cartel Boss Hernan Cortes

Aziz Ansari as Boris

Amanda Seyfried as Mary

Brace from Showtime’s Gigolos as Carlisle Kay

Kyle Gass as Kyle G.

and Daniel Radcliffe as Himself

With Cameos By: Matthew McConaughey, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson, John Ratzenberger, Meryl Streep, and Andy Serkis

Estimated Budget: $140,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $220,400,000 (Domestic),$ 85,000,000 (International)

Plot Synopsis:

Dickie Stone (Emile Hirsch) is a self-serious 28-year-old legal marijuana activist in California who has dedicated his life to ending weed prohibition in his home state. Dickie’s passion for his cause has left little time for anything else in his life. While leading daily rallies and petition drives, Dickie has neglected his girlfriend Mary (Amanda Seyfried), who is inching closer to leaving him for good if he misses one more dinner date. Dickie’s best friend Boris (Aziz Ansari) is his hilarious right hand man who mainly wants weed to be legal so he can start his own marijuana-themed bakery. A typical night involves Dickie hunched over his computer, typing his latest speech, while Boris bakes weed baklava and Mary angrily watches TV, wishing Dickie would lighten up and take her out for a night of dancing.

One night, Dickie is on the way to meet Mary at their favorite restaurant for their 3-year anniversary dinner, when he gets a call from his lawyer. A group of celebrities want to make a massive donation to the upcoming Legalize Marijuana Rally and Dickie HAS to go get the money NOW – or the offer is off the table. With no choice but to go, Dickie calls Mary and tells her he’ll be late.

Dickie arrives at the address he was given and knocks on the door of a gigantic mansion. A shirtless Matthew McConaughey answers the door and welcomes Dickie in. In the kitchen, a poker game is going on between Willie Nelson, John Ratzenberger, Woody Harrelson, Meryl Streep, Daniel Radcliffe and Andy Serkis (who insists on talking like Gollum, saying it’s how his real voice sounds).

High Times Machine SceneAfter Dickie picks up the celebrities’ donation, Daniel Radcliffe is a wasted mess and insists on going to dinner with Dickie. Dickie calls Mary to let her know that Harry Potter will be joining them but Mary tells Dickie she’s had enough. He missed their anniversary dinner and that was the final straw: Mary is breaking up with Dickie.

A despondent Dickie arrives home with Daniel Radcliffe and finds a stranger breaking into his fridge. The stranger slowly closes the refrigerator door and reveals his face. Dickie can’t believe what he’s seeing.

It’s himself… from the future.

45 year old Dickie (Jack Black) has traveled back in time with a grave warning for Young Dickie: In the future, Dickie will be successful in getting marijuana legalized. But once this happens, demand for pot is so high the plant is over-harvested and weed goes extinct forever. Old Dickie explains that there is only one solution to the problem: The two Dickies need to get together and stop marijuana from becoming legal in order to save it.

The next morning, Young Dickie wakes up and sees that Daniel Radcliffe is gone. He calls Boris and together with Old Dickie they go to a diner to eat breakfast (and break the news to Boris that time travel exists and that the guy sitting next to them is Dickie from the future). While peppering Dickie with questions about the future over french toast, a figure suddenly pulls up in front of the diner and UNLEASHES a hail of machine gun fire at the three guys. He doesn’t hit them, but he does leave behind a flash drive…

The guys go home and find a video loaded on the flash drive. They play the video and a face they’ve only ever seen on the FBI’s Most Wanted list is now addressing them directly.

In his recorded message, Hernan Cortes (Benicio Del Toro) explains that as the boss of the La Rosa Cartel, he has massive investments in cocaine. He wants nothing more than for marijuana to go extinct to his product can dominate the market place. Cortes tells the Dickies that unless they stop trying to save weed, he’ll send his top lieutenant, Carlisle Kay (Brace from Showtime’s Gigolos) to hunt them down. And in case they need any more convincing, Hernan pulls Mary out from off screen and holds a gun to her head… If they don’t stop trying to save pot, Mary gets shot.

And so it’s a race against the clock for Young Dickie. A race to save his girl, to save his weed, and to save his future from the disappointing mess Old Dickie tells him it has become. Together with Boris and the always high Daniel Radcliffe, the two Dickies will have to evade the attack from Hernan Cortes, Carlisle Kay and the rest of the La Rose Cartel while fighting for their lives and everything they care about. With laughs outnumbered only by bullets, “High Time(s) Machine” is a non-stop, action-packed romp that will have you smiling like you just smoked some of the good stuff. A movie that reminds us of the best things in life, “High Time(s) Machine” is one HIT you won’t want to PASS (on)!

Exclusive Scene from the Script:

High Time(s) Machine Script





Robert Downey Jr. as Fred (Freddie) Black

Jaden Smith as Jalen White

Vivica A. Fox as Janet White

Joel McHale as Tom Sizlen, Chief Marketing Office at Apple

Elle Fanning as Wendy


Skrillex as Himself

Estimated Budget: $95,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $300,000,000 Domestic, 165,000,000 International

Plot Synopsis:

Freddie Black (Robert Downey Jr.) has blown just about every chance he’s gotten his entire life.

In the 1970’s, Freddie was the lead guitarist for one of the top local rock bands in Cleveland, Ohio, The Electric Razors. Freddie pledged allegiance to rock and roll and couldn’t bear to hear even a second of any other kind of music.

As the Electric Razors were on the cusp of breaking into the big time, Freddie’s ego and need to be in the spotlight tore everything apart.

Things between Freddie and his band came to a boiling point when the Electric Razors were given the chance to have their song used in a local radio commercial. Three-fourths of the Electric Razors were against selling out, preferring to build a reputation as serious musicians before chasing money. Freddie, on the other hand, always wanted to make the easiest, quickest buck available. During a heated argument over the radio commercial, Freddie announced he was quitting the band, only days before they were to record their major label debut.

The Electric Razors went on to become one of the defining bands of the 1970’s. Freddie would never get close to the spotlight again in the decades that followed.

Present Day. Fred Black is now one of the most successful advertising executives in the entire Midwest; nobody is better at finding the perfect song for a client’s commercial.

One day, an Apple brand executive named Janet White (Vivica A. Fox) hires Fred to create a revolutionary ad campaign for Apple’s newest product: The iBrain. After a few strategy meetings, an undeniable flirtation starts to develop between the notorious-bachelor Fred and the seemingly too-good-to-be-true Janet. Within 3 months of meeting each other, Fred knows he’s found the one and he proposes to Janet. She hesitates, telling Fred she’s got a bombshell to drop on him.

She wants to marry him. But first, Fred’s got to meet her son. And get his approval.

Jalen White (Jaden Smith) is a moody, sarcastic loner who cares about one thing and one thing only: the music genre known as DubStep. Jalen is an aspiring DubStep DJ, spending all his time in his garage, mixing new beats and samples to create electronic symphonies of sound and audio texture.

For the first few weeks of their relationship, Jalen does everything he can to sabotage Fred’s relationship with his mom – from pranks that make Fred look like an idiot (Jalen “RickRoll’s” Fred’s big work presentation) to attempts at causing real physical harm (Jalen puts glue on the gas pedal in Fred’s car).

One day, Fred has had enough. He heads down to the garage to tell Jalen to back off, when he finally gets a sample of what Jalen’s been working on. Immediately, Fred takes to this new music called DubStep…

Over the next few weeks, Fred and Jalen bond while creating fresh new DubStep compositions together. Fred, who used to think the only real music was created by a singer, 2 guitars and drum kit, now listens to nothing but DubStep. During their bonding time, Jalen lets two things slip: One, he has a crush on a girl at school. Two, there is an upcoming DubStep competition he wants to attend but can’t afford a ticket to.

Fred has one solution to both those problems: They’re not just going to GO to the DubStep competition. They’re going to COMPETE in the DubStep competition. And when Jalen’s crush sees him killing it onstage, she’ll be his forever. They’ll call themselves, “Black and White” (their last names – but also hilarious because Jalen White is black and Fred Black is white).

So Jalen and Fred begin creating the song they plan to enter into the DubStep Competition. As the song nears completion, Fred realizes something: this song would be PERFECT for the Apple iBrain commercial he’s been working on. With this song, the Apple ad would revolutionize commercials and make Fred and Jalen unthinkable amounts of money. Even better, it would make Janet look good to her bosses. What could be better?

Fred lets Jalen know his plans to use their song in the iBrain commercial the night before the DubStep competition. Halfway through his pitch, Fred can tell something’s wrong. Jalen, it turns out, isn’t into dubstep for the money. He’s in it to express himself. The last thing he wants to do is sell out.

Fred cannot believe this is happening. It’s a chance to make a ton of money while getting global exposure for their song. But Jalen won’t budge.

Soon the two guys are in a heated argument over what to do. Finally, Fred tells Jalen that because he’s the adult, he makes the final decision. They’re using the song in the commercial.  A furious Jalen tells Fred not to bother coming to the DubStep competition the next day. He’ll do it alone, just like everything else in his life up to this point….

And so, the battle lines have been drawn. A conflict with seemingly no resolution is at hand. The fate of a new family lies in the balance.

DubStep-Dad is a heartwarming, hilarious and inspiring movie about getting a second chance at the family you never knew you wanted. Filled with music, laughs, and chances for redemption, DubStep-Dad shines a light on the ways that music can bring us together – and how money can tear us apart. The goosebumps will be popping and your head will be nodding (to the beat): DubStep-Dad is one movie you’ll want to PUT ON REPEAT.

Exclusive Scene From The Script:

DubStep-Dad Script


Occupy Wall St.

Occupy Wall St. PosterOccupy Wall St.


Zach Braff as Zach

Zac Efron as Zac

Harrison Ford as Harrison

Josh Gad as Josh

Selena Gomez as Selena

Topher Grace as Topher

Kevin Hart as Kevin

Anne Hathaway as Anne

Kerry Washington as Kerry

Rebel Wilson as Rebel

Shailene Woodley as Shailene

and Carrot Top as Himself

Estimated Budget: $200,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $205,000,000 Domestic, $33,000,000 International

Plot Synopsis:

In the winter of 2008, the economy began to collapse. In the fall of 2011, the people began to rise up.

Sick of inequality, corruption, greed, and just about everything else, Occupy Wall St. started as an organic movement that gave voice to the voiceless. The 99 percent of people who we’re sick and tired of being held down. It was a protest that changed everything. The lives of the people involved, most of all…

“Occupy Wall St.” is an uplifting and romantic look at the people who gave birth to the movement. The seemingly-never ending connections between them. The laughs, tears, and moments they all share… The way a group of individuals go from 99 percent to 100….

  • Harrison (Harrison Ford) is an aging oil tycoon whose wealth is outnumbered only by his regrets. Harrison has recently learned that he is dying of AIDS. As he sits in his hospital bed, his body ravaged by the AIDS, he looks back on his lifelong pursuit of money and realizes he wasted his time on Earth. He should have been giving back to people and helping those less fortunate. All Harrison wants is one last chance to make things right before he dies of AIDS.
  • Harrison’s estranged son is Zach (Zach Braff), a cynical documentary filmmaker who’s covering the Occupy Wall St. movement just because he wants the paycheck. Somewhere along the way, Zach lost his passion. More than anything, Zach needs to rediscover what life is about and maybe rekindle his relationship with his dying father along the way.
  • Zach’s ex-girlfriend Anne (Anne Hathaway) is one of the founding members of the Occupy Wall St. protests. Anne throws herself into the movement with such dedication that she has little time for a personal life. It’s been years since she’s even been on a date. Because she’s always dressed in dirty protest clothes, guys think she’s ugly and never ask her out. If only they knew what she looked like when she cleaned up… Although, Zach remembers, and thinks maybe he wants her back…
  • Anne’s best friend Kerry (Kerry Washington) is a schoolteacher who tries her best but can never seem to make ends meet. Kerry is a sweetheart who desperately needs to harness the anger she hides into something productive – like a citywide movement perhaps…
  • Kerry is relentlessly pursued by Kevin (Kevin Hart) a hilarious taxi driver who gets involved with the Occupy Wall St. movement by pure chance as he follows Kerry through the streets of NYC, asking her out on a date at every street corner.  Kerry tells him she doesn’t think he can be serious about anything, so Kevin commits to the protests as a way to show her he can be.  Also, Kevin is Zach’s best friend.
  • Kevin’s other friend is Zac (Zac Efron), a post-collegiate slacker who charms his way through life while avoiding responsibilities at all costs. Zac is a bit of playboy who doesn’t seem to care about anything at all. Until one day, sprinting away from a one-night stand after her boyfriend came home early, Zac collides with Shailene (Shailene Woodley) on an NYC street corner. After a romantic flirtation, Shailene tells Zac he should come with to her to the Occupy Wall St. protest she’s heading to. This girl is cute so Zac says yes. Also, Zac is Anne’s brother and Shailene used to work with Kerry…
  • Shailene used to work with Kerry and is friendly with Anne (although she doesn’t know Zac is her brother). She decided to become a nurse and now she comforts patients on their deathbed. It is to her that Harrison reflects on all his regrets and she is determined to help Harrison make amends by getting him to the Occupy Wall St. protests where he can renounce his greedy ways before he dies. Because she cares for dying people, Shailene has been buttoned up most of her life. What she wants more than anything is to cut loose for once and have some fun. The kind of fun her outrageous friend Rebel (Rebel Wilson) has every day.
  • Rebel is an immigrant from Britain who came to the U.S. for a better life. Finding out that things in the states were pretty terrible too, she became a vocal (and hilarious) member of the Occupy Wall St. movement. Always the one with the megaphone, Rebel has never really been able to meet her match in life. That is, until she’s introduced to Shailene’s brother, the shy and awkward Josh (Josh Gad), who’s tagging along to the protests with them because he has nothing better to do after making a million dollars with the computer company he built.
  • Josh (friends with Zach and Kevin, cousin to Anne, former boss of Kerry, and business associate with Harrison) may be rich from his computer company, but his heart is with the protestors. Prone to saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, Josh needs a strong-willed woman in his life to care for him. And he thinks that woman might just be Rebel… He talks about Rebel with the only employee at his computer company, Selena (Selena Gomez), a rebellious computer programmer who can hack through anything…except the steel walls around her heart.
  • Selena has a tough exterior that no one has been able to crack so far. She hates rich people (except for her boss Josh) and is Occupy Wall St.’s resident tech expert. If any rich person talks to Selena, they better watch out for her fierce attitude and quick temper…But nobody told Topher that.
  • Topher (Topher Grace) is just who Selena hates most: A cocky, wall street fat-cat who lines his pocket with the tears of poor old ladies. When she’s called in to repair the computer system at Topher’s investment firm, Selena and Topher immediately start bickering with each other. But it seems under the surface there may be something more there… Something like a mutual attraction. Also, Topher is Josh’s older brother, Kerry’s ex-boyfriend and Kevin’s friend.

And like life, these crisscrossing connections form the heart of “Occupy Wall St.”. A true to heart portrayal of 21st century America, “Occupy Wall St.” has it all: From a dying man’s last shot at redemption to a schoolteacher finding a much-needed backbone (and a man). This is a film that checks off every item in the emotions handbook. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll love, you’ll outrage, you’ll find the inspiration to carry on… “Occupy Wall St.” is one film that will have you saying, “We are the 100%… of people that love this movie!”

Exclusive Scene From The Script:

Occupy Wall St. Script

Unexpected Fatherhood Opportunity

UFO Movie PosterUnexpected Fatherhood Opportunity


Vince Vaughn as John Henson

Owen Wilson as Matt Bennett

Olivia Wilde as Jamie Trembly

Anna Faris as Melody Rivers

Kyle Chandler as FBI Agent Cal Coolas

Melissa McCarthy as Angry Soccer Mom

Luke Wilson as Principal Peters

Jeff Goldblum as Vernon X


Will Ferrell as Boy Scout Troop Leader (Cameo)

Estimated Budget: $95,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $245,000,000 Domestic, $120,000,000 International

Plot Synopsis:

John Henson (Vince Vaughn) and Matt Bennett (Owen Wilson) are two guy’s guys. They’ve been friends since the age of 6 and both have remained just about exactly the same ever since. Running one of New York’s top ad agencies together, John and Matt are carefree lady-killers who live to have a good time. John is a fast-talking loud mouth who’s always ready with a well-timed rant. Matt is an aloof, charmer who gets by on good vibes and an aversion to stress. Together, the two 40-somethings have resisted growing up at all costs. They have no commitments and as little responsibility as possible. For John and Matt, life is a party and no man should ever tie himself down.

After one crazy night out (seen through a montage that cycles through many scantily clad women), the guys wake up in their shared apartment, completely hungover, and make a startling discovery: Sleeping in one corner is a weird, small creature. They have no idea where it came from. After a frantic discussion the two men come to the same conclusion: They have brought home an alien child…

The guys realize they can’t leave the alien alone in their apartment, but they’re also desperately in need of a greasy breakfast after their night out. So they dress the alien up as a small human child and hit the local diner. At the diner, two women come over to them and coo over their “adorable little boy” as they compliment John and Matt on being gay parents together (which makes John and Matt hilariously uncomfortable). Walking home, the two guys discuss how many chicks this little guy could help them get….And so, their decision is made: They’re going to enroll the alien in school and pretend to be his gay dads to get women… Let the hilarity begin.

John and Matt drop off little “Elliot” (in a nod to E.T. The Extraterrestrial) on the first day of school. There, Matt becomes smitten with Jamie (Olivia Wilde) the divorced mother of one of Elliot’s classmates. John, on the other hand, strikes up an outrageous flirtation with the kid’s free-spirited and seemingly insane teacher, Melody (Anna Faris). They two guys also meet Cal Coolas (Kyle Chandler), who they repeatedly call “Calculus” in mock confusion, much to Cal’s chagrin. Cal is Jamie’s ex-husband and one of the FBI’s top regional agents. He’s immediately suspicious of John, Matt and especially little Elliot. He begins to tail the guys and collect evidence that they’re up to something.

Soon, the guys are spending a lot of time with Jamie and Melody (under the guise of playdates for their kids). Jamie and Melody both believe John and Matt are a gay couple and the guys are in constant panic over how to break the news and tell the women how they truly feel about them.

Over time, the guys start to truly care for little Elliot. They take him to soccer games (where John gets in a sidesplitting fight with one of the other parents (Melissa McCarthy)), they head off to a Father/Son boyscout weekend (where the troop leader (Will Ferrell cameo) has uproariously funny questions about how the guys “do stuff” in the bedroom), and they even appreciate the small things like helping Elliot with his math homework. In no time at all, this fraud of a family starts to look like the real thing…

As John and Matt start to realize that they love being fathers and that maybe they’d like to grow up and start families after all, it becomes clear that Elliot wants to go back to his home planet (potential product placement: Elliot keeps holding his i-Phone up to the sky to try and get an extraterrestrial signal)… It’s also clear that John and Matt can no longer hide the truth from Jamie and Melody or they’ll risk losing them forever. But with Cal and his FBI goon squad hot on their trail, and the women they love believing them to be gay, the journey to a happy ending will be difficult, complicated, and above all else…HILARIOUS.

“Unexpected Fatherhood Opportunity” is a heartwarming romp that explores what happens when two men who live by a “boys will be boys” code decide to grow up. The laughs (and product placement opportunities) come early and often in this all-star comedy. Vulgar and touching in all the right places, “Unexpected Fatherhood Opportunity” is one laugh-fest that’s simply, out of this world.

Exclusive Scene From the Script:

UFO Script

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising Poster

Bad Moon Rising


Channing Tatum as Lucas Holt

Alexander Skarsgard as Dieter Vilhelm

Jessica Biel as Jenny

Aziz Ansari as Bug

Oliver Platt as Moon Chief William Silas

James Marsden as Marcus Milton

Paul Giamatti as U.S. Secretary of Defense Arthur Gandling


Pink as Herself

Estimated Budget: $180,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $410,000,000 Domestic, $260,000,000 International

Plot Synopsis:

The year is 1990. The place is East Berlin. And history is being made.

Young German boy, Lucas Holt watches as the Berlin Wall, the rock and stone symbol of divisiveness and communism, comes crumbling to the ground.  As Lucas watches his fellow East Germans climb over the wall to the freedom of the West, he promises himself that he will never be a victim again. Especially not of facism…

Flash forward to the year 2020. For the first time in history, mankind is sending 10,000 people into space in order to colonize the moon. There is great hope and excitement in this effort of all of humanity coming together to advance the human race. The future moon citizens were chosen in a global lottery – there is no more sought-after ticket in the world than the one that gets you to the gray rock in the sky.

Lucas Holt is now a man in his 30’s, living in the biggest city in the freest place in the world: New York City, USA. It’s a dream come true and it should be the makings of a great life for the kid from Berlin. But there’s a problem…That problem, is Lucas himself.

Somewhere along the line, Lucas lost his way. Once a promising young Cop, Lucas began giving into his lesser impulses – cheating, lying, stealing on the job – and was fired from the only career he ever loved. Ever since he left the force, Lucas made a living through petty theft and sometimes working as a muscle man for local neighborhood criminal bosses. Even worse, Lucas lost the love of his life, Jenny (Jessica Biel), a beautiful TV news reporter. For too long Lucas neglected Jenny and eventually his refusal to straighten up and fly right caused her to leave.

One day, Lucas is operating a crooked three-card monte game in an alley when a man steps forward from the crowd and says he knows Lucas’ trick and to prove it, he’ll correctly pick the right card in one of Lucas’ three-card shuffles. He’s so confident, in fact, that he’s willing to put his once-in-a-lifetime ticket on the first rocket ship to the Moon on the game. Lucas has no interest in going to the moon but selling that ticket would set him for life. So Lucas agrees to one high-stakes hand of three-card monte.

While, he’s shuffling the cards, Lucas spots two thugs getting out of a car carrying bats and wearing brass knuckles. Lucas soon recognizes these as the two most brutal hitmen of NYC Crime Boss Johnny Luzone. The same Johnny Luzone that Lucas currently owes $10,000 to. In other words, the hitmen are coming for him…

Feeling cornered and desperate, Lucas decides to make his escape. He launches a cardboard box in the air and grabs his opponents ticket to the moon out from his hand while the man cries out in stunned surprise. Lucas sprints through the streets of NYC with the two thugs chasing close behind. After an intense game of cat-and-mouse, Lucas arrives at the gates of the Rocket Launch center. He’s allowed past the gates just as the two hitmen pull-up. They are not let through – they have no tickets.

Lucas Holt now has no choice – he’s heading to the moon.

Lucas sits down in his first-class seat on the rocket ship. He notices a shady man whispering conspiratorially to a group of equally shady-looking men in the front of the ship. He is distracted from this by the arrival of Jenny and her new man, Channel 7 Station Boss Marcus Milton (James Marsden). Looks like Lucas is on a rocket to the moon with his ex-girl and her new beau…

Mid-flight, Lucas and Jenny engage in combative (but undeniably sexy) back-and-forth arguing while Marcus is knocked out sleeping, hilariously oblivious, in between them.

Once they arrive on the moon, Lucas goes to his new living quarters. He meets his new roommate, Bug (Aziz Ansari). Bug is a fast-talking, hilarious dude who seems to have come to the moon because he had nowhere else to go. He constantly annoys Lucas but you can tell they quickly become friends.

One night, while Lucas is out enjoying the view from his Moon patio, he hears a gigantic BOOM from off in the distance. Smoke begins to rise from the Moon capital building. He goes inside and turns on his moon TV. He sees the shady man from his rocket flight speaking to the camera from the Moon Chief’s desk in the capital building. This man is Deiter Vilhelm (Alexander Skarsgard). Dieter announces that he is the leader of a group of Rebel Nazi’s who have taken over all the Moon settlements. Dieter and his band of Nazis realized that their movement had its chance on Earth and failed. So they decided to set their sights on a new target: Taking over the moon. Deiter’s group calls themselves, The Fourth Reich.

The Fourth Reich soon takes over all of the moon settlements and all communication with Earth. They are running the show now…

Lucas Holt is freaking pissed. He remembers his sad, cold childhood and his hatred of Nazis comes rushing back like it never left. He thought he had left all of that crap behind. Soon, Lucas decides: if the Nazis followed him to the moon, he’ll deal with them on the moon. It seems a change is coming over Lucas Holt. Almost like he’s finding the renewed will to live…

Lucas breaks out of his home by breaking a guard’s neck. Lucas tells Bug to stay put and keep him abreast of what’s going on in the mainland while Lucas is away. Bug asks Lucas where he’s going. “I’m going rogue”, Lucas replies. And into the wild moon frontier he goes – ready to kick some Nazi ass, save the moon, and maybe even win back the girl he lost years ago. Relying on his police training and unbridled hatred of all-things Nazi, Lucas turns into a one man army, attacking with stealth and fury – working towards a final showdown with the ruthless Dieter Vilhelm that will determine the fate of the moon once and for all.

“Bad Moon Rising” is an action-filled romp that packs more than just punches: humor, heart, redemption, and revenge are all to be found in this tale of one man finding himself and saving the world. With the future of humanity up for grabs, Bad Moon Rising is one action flick that will have you… over the MOON.

Exclusive Scene From the Script:

Bad Moon Rising Script





Robert DeNiro as Tommy Muzone

Al Pacino as Paulie Pallazo

Christopher Walken as Pete Fingers

Joe Pesci as Frankie Uno

Benjamin Bratt as Vincent Domingo

Jennifer Lopez as Nurse Carla

Estimated Budget: $90,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $205,000,000 Domestic, $408,000,000 International

Plot Synopsis:

Back in their day, Tommy Muzone, Paulie Palazzo, Frankie Uno, and Pete Fingers led the most powerful and feared mafia family in New York.  But even for mobsters, time is every man’s ultimate boss… And it’s not their day anymore.

Now the guys find themselves in the last place they ever expected to be: The Shady Acres Retirement Community in Palm Beach, Florida!

Tommy (Robert DeNiro) was always the leader. The one who thought up the schemes that made the guys rich and powerful beyond their wildest dreams.  Tommy is an intimidating, no-nonsense guy who just isn’t made for these modern times.

Paulie (Al Pacino) was the money man. He oversaw all mafia gambling activity and made sure the gang’s books were always in the black.  When he’s not balancing assets and liabilities, Paulie is an incorrigible lady-killer who will flirt with anything that walks.

Frankie Uno (Joe Pesci) was the hot-headed enforcer who makes up for his small stature with a hair-trigger temper and ruthless affinity for violence.  Frankie’s a loud-mouth who keeps the gang laughing, even when he’s not trying to be funny.

Pete Fingers (Christopher Walken) was the greatest Con-Man and Pick-Pocket the mafia ever employed. When it came to ripping off rubes there was no smoother operator than Pete Fingers in his prime. Nowadays Pete is more likely to steal a few minutes of sleep than a dollar, but he’s still capable of a few tricks when he wants to be.

When the guys make the move to Shady Acres it’s a difficult adjustment from their former rough and tumble ways. But soon, they’re practically running the place:

  • Paulie oversees the bookmaking on the morning Shuffle Board tournaments held in the Shady Acres courtyard. (“You better pay me my 3 G’s Walter. I don’t want to have to come looking for you! And I don’t think Mrs. Lowenstein would be happy to hear you lost her pearls in a bet…”)
  • Frankie is making a dime protecting Shady Acres residents from unwanted solicitations by Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other door-to-door types.  (In one funny scene Frankie ties a Mormon’s tie around his throat until he passes out)
  • Pete dominates the community’s daily cribbage game by hiding cards up his sleeve.
  • And in the old mafia veterans’ most lucrative operation, Tommy has used his access to the black-market to begin importing and selling Viagra pills to the men of Shady Acres under the table.  (One hilarious segment sees an endless line of old men queue up in front of Tommy’s room while the nursing staff looks on, bewildered)

Just when the guys have Shady Acres all figured out, trouble comes in the form of Vincent Domingo (Benjamin Bratt) a land developer who recently purchased Shady Acres and the surrounding property. Vincent presents a respectable face to the public but is secretly ripping off the residents of Shady Acres at every turn, both by over-charging them for their apartments and community services and also by stealing jewelry and money from their rooms while the residents themselves are robbed of the care they need.

If there’s one thing that Tommy, Paulie, Frankie, and Pete can’t abide, it’s another man coming in and ripping off THEIR people. So the guys set out to take Vincent Domingo down once and for all. Schemes will be launched and hi-jinks will ensue as these bad guys experience for the first time in their life what it’s like to be good!

OldFellas is a sure-to-be classic comedy that will have you laughing and critics saying, “I can’t believe it’s even possible to fit that many erectile dysfunction jokes into one 90 minute movie”!  Because what these Dons are finding out is that there’s no retiring from a life in the mob. And just like Tommy and the gang, you’ll realize that every time you think you’re out, OldFellas PULLS YOU BACK IN!

Exclusive Scene From the Script:

OF Script




Daniel Day Lewis as Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

Danny Devito as Kim Jong IL

Olivia Munn as Ri Sol-Ju

Barack Obama as Himself (Archive Footage)

John Cho as Lieutenant Kim

Daniel Dae Kim as Admiral Kwon

and Dennis Rodman as Himself

Estimated Budget: $70,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $125,000,000 Domestic, $100,000,000 International

Likely Academy Award Winner for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, and Best Original Score

Plot Synopsis:

Sometime in January of either 1983 or maybe 1984, the future of North Korea was born. That future came in the form of a baby named Kim Jong Un, the third son of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il.

Un. is his story.

Tracing his entire life, Un. first shows us Kim Jong Un (Daniel Day Lewis) on the night before he is to become Supreme Leader of North Korea.  Un is in a contemplative mood as he thinks back on his life and the lessons passed down to him by his father, Kim Jong IL (Danny Devito). Joined on his reminiscence by his friend Dennis Rodman (Playing Himself), we see the major events in the young ruler’s life:

Kim Jung Un as a boy being taught lessons on leadership and courage by his father Kim Jong IL that would stay with him his entire life.

  • The father showing the son how to inspect a missile.
  • The father revealing the proper way to pose for official portraits.
  • The father sentencing a North Korean official who sneezed to a death by shooting gallery.
  • The father teaching the son how to iron his pant-suits to ensure a crisp, unblemished look befitting the leader of a great nation.

Kim Jung Un going to middle school in Sweden using a fake name that hides his true identity from his classmates.

  • Un’s awkward first kiss while playing “Pull the Chocolate Bar” at a party.
  • The hi-jinks that ensue when Kim Jong IL shows up unannounced and catches Un pleasuring himself in his dorm room.
  • Un becoming a captain of his co-ed softball team and discovering the leadership qualities that would come to serve him later in life.

The tragic death of Kim Jung IL and Kim Jung Un’s rise to power.

  • The devastating yet historic night when Kim Jong IL passed away and the North Korean leadership gathered around Un to salute him with “The Supreme Leader has become the sunshine and a rainbow! Long Live the Supreme Leader!”
  • The instant chemistry when Un first meets North Korean pop star, Ri Sol-Ju (Olivia Munn).
  • The fiery meetings when Un’s cabinet pleads with him not to threaten the US with Nuclear Weapons – a move Un feels he must make to assert his legitimacy and power.
  • Un guiding a vulnerable nation through times of economic and social strife by touring the many businesses, sights, and people of North Korea.
  • Un marrying Ri Sol-Ju and their passionate, sexy wedding night.
  • Un staring down the world and the world blinking first.

Kim Jong Un is a figure who has defined our modern times.

A Biopic like any other, Un. explores the myth behind the man to discover the truth not about just one individual, but about all of us. Featuring a lead performance by Daniel Day Lewis that will no doubt astonish and amaze, Un. is a master class in how a legendary acting performance can transport viewers to another time and place and make us feel as though we lived it ourselves. A likely contender for all the major awards, Un. is a true cinematic masterpiece.

Go update your passport, because after this movie, you’ll be buying UN (or maybe dos!) ticket(s) to North Korea!

Exclusive Scene From the Script:

UN Script

BallPark Frank

BallPark Frank Final


Patrick Dempsey as BallPark Frank Murphy

Malin Akerman as Angela Williams

Kevin Hart as Vince “Lightning” Johnson

Reginald VelJohnson as Manager Buck Jones

Justin Long as Pete Graves

Josh Lucas as Hank Gordon

Tom Arnold as Tommy Thompson

and Brian Dennehy as Paddy Sullivan

Estimated Budget: $35,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $70,000,000 Domestic, $70,000,000 International

Plot Synopsis:

Frank Murphy (Patrick Dempsey) was the top pitcher in college baseball and his arrogance knew no bounds: Women, alcohol, money; there was nothing Frank felt he wasn’t entitled to. Eventually Frank began gambling on his own games at Boston College and fell into debt with the mafia. To settle these debts, he was forced to throw the final game of the college world series and cost his team the NCAA Title. Frank’s improprieties weren’t a secret for long as in no time ESPN and every other news outlet in the country was reporting that the top collegiate pitcher in the USA was responsible for the biggest scandal in baseball since Shoeless Joe Jackson. Frank’s future, which once looked so bright, was now finished: No Big League team would touch him now.

In the years after his scandal Frank continued to build more gambling debt with the mafia until they finally reached their breaking point. Goons were sent after Frank to break his pitching arm. The damage done was so extensive that doctors were forced to sew the few remaining working parts of the arm together, leaving Frank with a baby arm where his golden ticket had once been. After the surgery Frank found he had no nerve tissue left in his arm and he could never tire his limb out, no matter how many balls he throws.

Through everything, the only thing Frank never lost was his love for the game of Baseball. He couldn’t stay away. Instead of moving on with his life, Frank took a job vending hot dogs in the stands at Boston Red Sox games. While not serving wieners to the loyal fans at Fenway, Frank spent his time watching the action and looking longingly at the diamond that no longer had a place for him.

The Red Sox were in the midst of their worst season in team history and fans were getting angry. One especially hot game, with the Sox losing badly to the rival Yankees, an especially obnoxious Sox fan recognized Frank from his playing days and taunted him for 7 straight innings (“AY it’s Frank the baby-arm! Whassa-matta Frank? Bet your arm on last night’s game!?”). As the man continues needling him, Frank finally snaps and decides he’s had just about enough of life kicking him down. From 20 rows below, Frank whips a hot dog so fast it becomes a blur, and the relish covered weiner smacks the annoying fan right in the face. The crowd gasps. Play on the field comes to halt. No one can believe a throw of that distance, speed and accuracy was humanly possible. Finally after minutes of agonizing silence, the crowd erupts in cheers: A local legend has been born.

In the ensuing weeks Frank Murphy becomes known as “BallPark Frank”, the hot dog vendor with the rocket arm. Fans begin coming to games just to catch a hotdog-fastball from BallPark Frank. Fellow beer vendor and friend Tommy Thompson (Tom Arnold) is a hilarious loud-mouth who takes every opportunity to promote the legend of his friend (including unlicensed t-shirts he sells secretly in the stands). For a team in the cellar, any chance to get fans excited is a welcome one. As Frank’s fanbase grows in size each game, the new owner of the Red Sox Paddy Sullivan (Brian Dennehy) takes notice of the only thing driving fans to the stadium. Sensing an opportunity to put some butts in the seats, Sullivan calls Frank into his office and tells him he’s going to give him a try-out as a pitcher for the Red Sox. Against all the odds, Frank has been given a second chance.

BallPark Frank’s tryout begins disastrously but after taking a deep breath, Frank begins imagining each baseball as a hotdog and proceeds to fire 100mph strike after strike. He makes the team.

Frank soon discovers he’s not the only one on his new team with issues. Centerfielder Vince “Lightning” Johnson (Kevin Hart) is a boisterous and cocky speedster who’s so distracted by flirting with women in the stands that he can no longer hit a curveball. Meek Pete Graves (Justin Long) is a young shortstop who lost all his confidence and with it, his fielding ability. Catcher Hank Gordon (Josh Lucas) is a grizzled veteran who doesn’t want to sacrifice his already broken down body blocking wild pitches anymore. To cap it all off, manager Buck Jones (Reginald VelJohnson) is more concerned about the dugout being stocked with sunflower seeds than he is with Wins and Losses. In short, the entire Red Sox team is in dire need of a reminder of why they fell in love with the game in the first place, lest they miss the playoffs for the 5th straight year.

Red Sox PR-woman Angela Williams (Malin Akerman) is assigned to deal with the media covering the story of BallPark Frank. Angela was brought up in a Red Sox obsessed family and her love of baseball has always been the most important part of her life, going back to the time she bonded with her late father while playing catch with him as a little girl. Despite possible sparks between herself and Frank, Angela has a strict no-dating-players policy that she uses as an excuse to never be vulnerable in front of anyone.

With BallPark Frank on the team, the Red Sox season begins to turn around. Working with his teammates on their issues gives Frank the opportunity to fill the holes in his own life. As Frank notches Win after Win the Sox finally find themselves one game out of the playoffs with one game left to play against the Yankees. If the Sox win, they advance to the postseason. The night before the game Frank receives two phone calls. The first is from GM Buck Jones telling him he’ll be starting tomorrow’s game. The second is from his old friends at the mafia offering Frank $1 Million to throw the game and let the Yankees win. The choice is simple: Financial security or the chance to finally defeat the past demons that have haunted Frank’s life since he fell from grace….

BallPark Frank is a heart-warming underdog story about redemption, teamwork, and what the human spirit can do with a second chance. The laughs and tears come as fast as a BallPark Frank hotdog soaring through the air while the story twists and turns as dramatically as his Curveball. Because when BallPark Frank takes the mound, the batters will be “out!” but the audience will have witnessed a Home Run!

Exclusive Scene From The Script:

BallPark Frank Script