Death Lotto


Dwayne Johnson as John Terry

John Malkovich as Damien Hatcher

John Cena as Sgt. Jake Bennett

Kerry Washington as Sheila Terry

Seth Green as Charlie Nelson

Estimated Budget: $75,000,000

Estimated Box Office: $140,000,000 Domestic, $90,000,000 International

Plot Synopsis:

John Terry (Dwayne Johnson) is an ex-marine who has fallen on hard times.

For years, John was committed to serving his country at the cost of everything else: His family, his friends, his own life. Due to recent budget cuts, John was decommissioned from service and now works as a security guard at a local bank. It’s a low-stakes job but the only one John trusts himself to hold as he suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress-induced rage blackouts brought about by years of life in the marines.

Perhaps the biggest cost of John’s dedication to his career was his family: After missing countless birthdays, anniversaries, pageants, and family activities of all varieties due to hunting terrorists across the globe, John’s wife Sheila (Kerry Washington) had enough and left him. One week ago she moved across the country, taking their 6 year old daughter Paige, the apple of John’s eye, with her.

Now John spends his days at the bank and his nights at the local dive bar drinking and talking with the friendly bartender. Almost nightly John is hit on by local women but he always refuses in the hopes of one day reconciling with his wife. John’s plan is to save up money and move across country to show his wife that he’s ready to start putting their family first. The only frivolous expense John allows himself is his weekly lottery ticket…

One Friday, John is sitting at his usual spot at the dive bar, watching the lottery numbers come in with the bartender: Their weekly tradition. As the numbered ping-pong balls begin to collect in the chute, John slowly realizes something: These are HIS numbers. He has won the lottery. $500 a week, every week, for the rest of his life…He doesn’t have to slave away for years anymore: His new life can begin NOW…

On the televised ceremony the next morning, John collects his check from the CEO of the Lottery, Damien Hatcher (John Malkovich). In all the jubilation, John can’t help but notice a slightly sinister look in Hatcher’s eye as he hands the over-sized check to John…When the microphone is put in front of John’s mouth he excitedly tells the camera (and all those watching) that he’s heading across country to celebrate his daughter’s birthday with her next week. “I’m coming home, honey!” This is John’s last chance. If he disappoints his family again, there will be no hope of being a part of their life.

The following day John buys a new car to make the drive across country. However, as the salesman who was sitting in the driver’s seat showing John all the features begins to exit the car and hand the keys to John, the vehicle EXPLODES. John is blown back 20 feet. The salesman is now a million pieces of dust. Suddenly, 5 heavily-armored men pull out of a van and begin shooting at John. This is all John needs to snap into one of his rage blackouts. He PUMMELS the 5 men using only his bare hands. They never stood a chance. Once he drops the last shooter, he sees that the man was carrying an Official Lotto ID badge in his pocket…John, it appears, is being hunted.

John Terry is now on the run. The only money he has are the $500 payments that are directly deposited to his bank account at the beginning of each week. It’s not much, but if he can keep himself alive, his funds will continue to grow.

The first place John goes is to his old marine buddy’s secret apartment. Charlie Nelson (Seth Green) was the marines’ tech expert before he was expelled for downloading pornography on government computers. Now he spends his days hacking into the mainframe of fortune 500 companies and selling their information on the digital black market. Charlie is a goofy, hyper, nerdy guy but there’s no one more dangerous with a computer. As John stands over his shoulder, Charlie uses their only clue (the Lotto Id Badge) to hack into the Lotto’s system.

He discovers that a hit has been placed on John Terry’s life so that the Lotto doesn’t have to pay him his money every week.

As this information flashes across the screen, John get’s a call on his cell phone. It’s Lotto CEO Damien Hatcher. Damien tells John they have his family hostage. They’re holding them at the Lotto Headquarters. John must give up or his family will be killed. To make it easy for John, Hatcher tells him he has sent a team of mercenaries led by John’s former best friend in the marines, Jake Bennett (John Cena) to kill him. Simply let the mercenaries do their job and take him out, and John’s family will be released unharmed…

John slams his phone down in anger. He’s let life beat him down for too long. Now he’s going to fight back. John Terry is going to travel across the country while being hunted by mercenaries who know him better than anyone else, and infiltrate the Lotto Compound. He’s going to get his family back. And he’s going to kill Damien Hatcher.

Death Lotto is an explosive and violent action movie that takes a look at what a man is capable of when he decides to take control of his life and fight back against those who want to hold him down. As John Terry uses his marine skills to form a one man army, ass-kicking his way across the nation to his final destination, he’ll be challenged to vanquish not only his enemies and former friends but his own inner demons as well. Death Lotto is a story of a man on a mission that will have you feeling like you won the action movie lottery!

Exclusive Scene From The Script:

Death Lotto Script